Pre Primary

Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG

Learning at Shraddha Olympiad School is backed by state of the art laboratories, workshops and libraries. Our aim is to keep students up-to-date with latest technology and trends.

As early schooling plays a pivotal role in preparing your kids mentally, emotionally, physically and socially for higher education. We have designed an easy –to- understand and interesting curriculum. Teachers strive to ensure the learning process is enjoyable and beneficial for your kids.

Our Pre-Primary school activities lay a strong learning Foundation for your kids. This will help them grasp knowledge easily in later stages of school and college life. The various Pre-Primary school activities include clay work, coloring, drawing, dancing, singing, craft, rhyming, storytelling and more. This helps to instill the right values, Cultivate young minds and encourage your kids to discover their true potential

It also focuses on key skills like cognitive, motor, emotional and social ensuring mental growth of your kids.

In short Our Pre-Primary schools provide the right environment to help your toddles to prepare for formal schools and life. It makes them curious and confident learners via interesting Shraddha’s curriculum.

(2.5 to 4 Years)

  • Imparts essential life skills
  • Cultivates Creativity & develop curiosity
  • Improves imagination through Art
  • Engaging children Physically, Emotionally & Socially

(3.5 to 5 Years)

  • Developing language skills
  • Age appropriate learning tools to encourage children
  • Allow children to grow at their own pace
  • Shaping Scientific thought in children

(4.5 to 6 Years)

  • Building & enhancing vocabulary
  • Innovative methods to enhance reading &writing
  • Preparing children for Primary School.


Shraddha Group of Schools is constantly working to bring excellence in our students in all prospects.